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Why Solar Shades Are Best for Your Sunrooms

We all want to protect our homes, and window treatments are some of the best ways to do that. Covering our windows means more privacy and more protection from the sun’s rays, which are both beneficial. At SmartLooks Window & Wall Decor, we carry the highest quality window coverings available on the market. Hunter Douglas is the brand we trust and is the brand we are proud to provide to our customers. Some of our favorite products are solar shades because of their ability to perform even in the hottest temperatures and the most humid climates. Even if you simply have a sunroom that gets extra light, these shades can be a protective barrier between the sun and your delicate belongings.

Designer Screen Shades Richardson, Texas (TX) solar shades Hunter Douglas roller shades sun shades window treatments.

Protective Accent

The solar shades that we carry are as protective as they come, and they are a statement piece as well. The Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades are a beautiful piece to add to your interiors. They can be perfect for those who like a minimalist feel and can also provide some drama in your rooms. Whatever aesthetic you are going for, one thing is always the same, and that is that these window coverings are very protective. They provide privacy for you and your family while curbing UV rays at the same time. We love these shades because they can really add style and personality to your rooms while doubling as a functional addition to your windows.

UV Ray Resistant

One of the main reasons to choose our solar shades is because of their ability to curb the harmful rays of the sun. Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades are the product to choose if this is your top priority. No other window treatment will protect your interiors the way that these shades can. Plus, you can choose the exact level of view-through that you prefer so you can still see the outside while maintaining that protection when the sun is the strongest. As a bonus, these shades are beautiful. Protect your furniture, flooring, and artwork with this state-of-the-art shade.

Shielding and Customizable

While protection is important, so is making your space really feel like yours. The Design Studio™ Roller shades offer the ultimate level of customization so you can let your personality shine in your home. These modern shades are perfect for those who like to be on-trend. The fabric choices are some of the most beautiful designs we have ever seen, with multiple color and pattern options available. You can customize the opacity and can finish the shade with a headrail and bottom rail. Ultimately, these shades are yours to create. Your rooms can now have the luxury of being both elegant and completely protected from the harmful sun.

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Ultimately, solar shades are a huge benefit to your rooms. UV rays can really be damaging if the right precautions aren’t put into place, which is why we are here. If you live near Richardson, Dallas Metroplex, and North Dallas areas, including University Park, Plano, Garland, McKinney, Allen, and Frisco, Texas, then you have come to the right place. We proudly serve your area, so call us today to set up a free consultation or visit our Contact Us page online to do the same. We look forward to working with you!