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Exterior Shutters

If you have any piece of property near Richardson, Texas, you know how important security and protection from inclement weather is for your home. Keeping your property safe is of the utmost importance, and we at SmartLooks Window and Wall Decor are here to help enhance that safety and security even more. Installing Exterior Rolling Shutters is one of the best ways to have peace-of-mind that your home is protected. They act as a physical barrier to protect you and your family from potential criminals. These Roller Shutters act as a visible deterrent that discourages potential thieves from even approaching your home. Plus, these shutters keep your home protected from strong winds as well. Each of our exterior options has these benefits, which is why we think it is an essential part of your exterior window and home care. If you have any questions about the products and services that we offer, give us a call today to see how we can help with any of your needs. We are here for you!

Rollac Shutters: Residential Security - Foam Filled System

Security Benefits

These exterior roller shutters are specifically designed to protect your home and your family. The quality is in the material used as Rollac Shutters exclusively uses premium CFC free foam for these exterior shutters. They provide the ultimate protection for your home by preventing the sun from overheating your house or building. As they help control the temperature of your home, these shutters ultimately save you money on energy bills.

Light Control

We all want to have control over the lighting in our home. Whether we are trying to sleep, trying to work, or just living our lives, we want the lighting to be at various degrees. These exterior shutters provide the ultimate blackout capabilities so you can have a dark room when you need it. Additionally, if you need more light to brighten up your space, they can easily be adjusted with a remote to your desired location.

Rollac Shutters Residential Security Foam Filled System Exterior Shutters Roller Shutters near Richardson, Texas (TX)

Noise Reduction

One of the added benefits of these exterior shutters’ design is that the foam material helps dampen vibrations, so these shades are as quiet as they get and help regulate various noises that may occur, keeping your interiors quiet and serene. They add style to your home with advanced materials and unique durability.

Rollac Shutters: Commercial Security - Single Wall Extruded System

Varying Visibility

Keep your commercial properties secure with the varying visibility of these exterior shutters. Available in a variety of punch patterns, these roller shutters can be created to fit your security needs. They allow differing levels of view-through capabilities, so you get the privacy variations that you need.

Strong Material

These custom exterior shutters are made of the highest quality material on the market: aluminum. This strong profile is designed to resist high impact, to last a lifetime, and to withstand the wear-and-tear of daily use for various types of homes. These security shutters are built to last, and we are confident that they will live up to their reputation.

Secure Locks

They wouldn’t be security shutters without strong locks, which is why we guarantee that this product will out-perform any other exterior roller shutter. There are a variety of lock systems available, including slide locks, turn knob locks, turnkey locks, and high security removable tumbler locks.

Rollac Shutters: Hurricane Protection - Double Wall Extruded System

Rollac Shutters Hurricane Protection Double Wall Extruded System Exterior Shutters Roller Shutters near Richardson, Texas (TX)

Withstand Winds

These exterior shutters were made to withstand the highest winds. Their innovative end retention system is a way that engages the curtain in a way so that the rails cannot be pulled out by hurricane force winds. They can withstand the highest impact from storms, and the doubled walled aluminum slats can withstand it all.

UV Protection

One of the biggest advantages of having roller shutters is that they are UV ray resistant. Once installed, you can rest assured that your shutters are protecting your home or building from the damage that these rays can cause. Plus, they have minimum maintenance and keep a great appearance regardless of the weather.

Automation Options

We all love functional convenience, which is why these exterior roller shutters are available in a variety of motorized options. They can be controlled with a remote, an app, a security switch, or a wall switch. Each option has the perk of adding convenience to your life, while giving you the peace-of-mind that your property is protected.

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Rollac Shutters is one of the best brands available for all your exterior roller shutter needs. These shutters especially designed for the unique weather conditions in Texas. If you’re looking for more than Rollac Shutters, don’t forget that we carry interior window treatments; We provide Hunter Douglas products including their PowerView® Automation motorized blinds. If you live near Richardson, TX including Dallas Metroplex and North Dallas areas, University Park, Plano, Garland, McKinney, Allen, and Frisco, TX, then we can’t wait to serve you. Give us a call today or visit our Contact Us page to set up a free consultation and see how our products can enhance your lives. We look forward to speaking with you and seeing you in our shop!