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Tableaux® Decorative Grilles

When your home feels good, you feel good. The creativity and artistry that goes into design engages and stimulates the senses through colors, shapes, patterns, and textures in a way that brings an incredible benefit to your everyday life. Interiors you love can reduce stress and anxiety - so how you decorate truly involves both your life and style. Elevating your interiors doesn’t need to be a gritty, months-long process. Custom-made Tableaux® Decorative Grilles are an easy way to liven your interiors. A unique wall art that complements both traditional and modern styles, Tableaux® Decorative Grilles consist of cut and chiseled designs individual to you and your home.

Tableaux® Decorative Grilles


Decorative grilles use openwork that gracefully adorns windows and walls. Tableaux® is America’s leading designer and manufacturer of made-to-order decorative grilles for hospitality design and home décor. Tableaux® Decorative Grilles use recycled wood and sustainable metal substrates to garner the rustic, industrial, classic, or contemporary style that best reflects you. Decorative grilles can act as ceiling treatments, decorative accents, wall art, partition Screens and room dividers, and window treatments - there’s no limit to the impact that these grilles can add to your space.

Elegant Tableaux® Decorative Grilles Texas, decorative ceiling registers, and decorative floor registers near Richardson, Texas (TX)


Each grille is completely unique and original. With our decorative grilles, you can choose your own style or use our Design Library to find the look you want. Be creative and choose your own style, size, density, border, and finish - the final look of your decorative grille is up to you!


We offer a variety of patterns including Classic, Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Natural, Organic, Biophilic, Faux Iron, Veneer, Elements, and Metal categories. These gorgeous patterns are a sure way to improve your interiors and add dimension to your space. Tableaux® consistently adds new designs and patterns, so your home can always stay on top of modern trends.


The customizability of decorative grilles makes them versatile art pieces. Each piece is custom-made to fit precisely into your desired space, so you can flexibly use decorative grilles throughout your home. Pass-throughs are a popular location, adding visual interest as you pass from one room to another; decorative grilles also double as decorative ceiling registers. Use them for the focus wall of your living room or as simple decoration for an empty foyer. Decorative grilles can be also used to decorate doors and cabinetry and act as partition screens, architectural decor, decorative floor registers, and even exterior design. SmartLooks can assist you find the perfect location for your own custom grilles.

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Here at SmartLooks Window & Wall Decor, we do it all. From window treatments to furniture to wallpaper, we cover all of your interior decor needs. If you have any questions about the products we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call or contact us today for more information on our decorative grilles or to set up a free consultation with one of our experts. We are excited to help customers with every step of their interior design journey. We proudly serve the Greater Dallas Area including Richardson, North Dallas, University Park, Plano, Garland, McKinney, Murphey, Fairview, Lucas, Madison, Allen, and Frisco, TX.